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Since 2006, the Squillante Ensemble gathers together nine saxophonists who studied at the Paris Conservatoire, whose ambition is to promote their instrument in the current musical scene, by trying to combine the orchestral possibilities of their ensemble and the chamber facet of a group with no conductor. From baroque transcription to contemporary premieres, the Squillante Ensemble very soon established a reputation thanks to the contagious energy of its musicians on stage, who constantly tend to renew the traditionnal concert.
In 2009, their first CD breaks with the traditionnally imposed "classical" canons, by proposing a program of transcriptions around baroque music and pieces inspired by that period, offering through this charming musical anachromism, a trully unprecedented re-reading and an interpretation of the masterpieces by Bach, Corelli, Grieg and Ravel. 
Their growing desire for innovation, associated with a more and more avid interest of composers for the saxophone, very regularly takes the Squillante Ensemble to the ground of premieres and current music. The idea of "musical split" finds all its meaning in 2011 with their second project "Spaccata", created and imaginated by the jazz trombonist Daniel casimir. 
The Squillante Ensemble has already been invited to perform in numerous festivals : Flâneries musicales de Reims (closing concert before 17000 people), semaines musicales of Quimper, "C pas classique" Nice' festival, Les concerts de l'improbable by Jean-François Zygel at the théâtre du Châtelet in Paris, Festival des jeunes interprètes in Radio France, The "Kiosque à musique" at the Phénix of Valenciennes, the "Boite à musique" by Jean-François Zygel on french television, Festival "Musique en vignes" in Fronton... but also the "Iberico" Festival of Badajoz in Spain, the Festival of Samobor in Croatia, or the "Mi-fugue, Mi-raisin" festival in Belgium, among many others...
Every summer since 2008, the "International Saxophone Summer Camp of Montefrio's city" takes place in Spain (Montefrio - Granada), where the Squillante Ensemble shares and spreads its passion for saxophone and chamber music with saxophone students from all over the world.

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